Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a painting produced around 1504 by Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the extremely well known and most admired masterpieces and has always considered as one of the best known, the most valued, the most visited and the most written about work of art in the world

The painting’s subject is Lisa Gherardini, whose wealthy husband Francesco Del Giocondo commissioned the work. The name ‘Mona Lisa’, roughly translates to ‘My Lady Lisa’ is a polite form of addressing ‘my dear lady’, thus became the most relevant name in art world

The muted color scheme, sfumato technique, well blended and transitioned gradients applied by Da Vinci, combined with an aerial perspective of subject, enigmatic smile, mysterious posture and a surreal touch toward the background landscape exemplifies Da Vinci’s mastery as an artist

The work can be viewed at Museum Louvre, Paris

ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
LocationMuseum Louvre
MediumOil on Oak Wood
Art MovementRenaissance

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