Morning on the Seine near Giverny

Morning on the Seine near Giverny is an oil painting produced in 1897 by French painter Claude Monet.

This painting by Monet was one of the painting of 17 canvases that too created by Monet on same topics.

This oil painting depicts a scene of the seine river near Giverny which is Monet’s hometown. Monet painting depicts day scene of early morning. The feeling of early hours of the day comes from the color used, the blue and purple palette, use of early day light, reflections from the trees and water when sun rises. Monet begun to work on Morning on the Seine near Giverny in 1896 but the canvas was not still completed until 1897. Reason was because of the inclement weather, he had to patiently wait and scout for the perfect view along the river. Monet then converted his boat into a floating studio which he used to paint the scene depicts how much perfection he wanted in his work. Monet first painted many changing effects of the light when sun rises in the morning and then lined up all the paintings in his studio to study the color and light and then he completed then together as a series.

The work can be viewed at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Artist: Claude Monet
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Medium: Oil on Canvas
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Morning on the Seine near Giverny is an oil painting produced in 1897 by French painter Claude Monet

Fifteen canvases were shown in 1898; at the Galerie Georges Petit a year later after the painting was finished. Monet travelled several places far north to Norway and far south to Venice. He painted the river seine in Paris, Vetheuil and Argenteuil looking for different motifs but he loved those places only whom he knew completely. Many versions of the canvas were noted for their softness; color of pinkish mauve, greens and some blue for some rounded shapes.

Monet paintings viewpoint was suspended over the water which gives a feeling to viewer as if he is weightless and bodiless. Morning on the Seine series was painted over the course of two years from 1896 to 1897 while painting on a floating boat or making a studio on the land. Monet encounter bad weather conditions for several months which delayed the painting for almost two years. After the success of the series, Monet painted another series in 1900 namely Water Lilies series.

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