Rooms By The Sea

Rooms By The Sea is an oil painting produced in 1951 by American painter Edward Hopper.

One of the greatest works of Edward Hopper painted on a very large canvas.

Edward Hopper had great interest for the different effects of the sunlight and begun his painting career by portraying these effects on canvases when he was a young student in Paris. He then moved to New York and turned into a mature artist while designing a sunny secluded studio of his own at Truro. The scene depicts looking at the ocean on a sunny day. Edward Hopper spent most of his days in Cape Cod, Massachusetts during summers. This painting was based on the scene that was from out the back door of the studio. The empty room was filled with the essence of silences, mystery of existence, spirit and air. His work was inspired with Van Gogh as they both try to paint the objects as if they were self-portraits of their own.

The work cannot be viewed as it’s owned as a Private Collection.

Artist: Edward Hooper
Location: Private Collection
Medium: Oil on Canvas
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Rooms By The Sea is an oil painting produced in 1951 by American painter Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper has two titles in mind at starting of this painting, one was Rooms by the Sea and the other was The Jumping Off Place. But, later he noticed that the scene which he had painted depicted much similar to the composition of the Rooms by the Sea. So, he deleted the other one as it perceived to have some of malign overtones. The image thus seems to convey about the silences of the nature and its beauty by the sea.

Hopper had a gift of noticing smaller details and communication to his inner life. He tried to find the sense of beauty, the desolation and despair of feelings through the figures, objects and buildings that he painted. This painting of Hopper depicts the realistic behavior and surrealistic all at once. The dimensions of the painting Rooms By The Sea were 73.66 cm x 101.98 cm.

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