Swans Reflecting Elephants

Swans Reflecting Elephants is an oil painting produced in 1937 by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali painted Swans Reflecting Elephants during the Paranoiac critical period

In Swans Reflecting Elephants painting, three swans in front of the picture were seen near the leafless trees and they were reflected by the water below them. The image reflected seems to be of elephant’s trunks similar to swans neck above the water and trees become the lower part of the elephants i.e. legs. The background of this picture contains a Catalonian landscape colored deep as there was a swirl around the lake but the water seems to be still. Salvador Dali hometown was Catalonian and thus depicted by the landscape. On the left hand side of the painting was the self portrait of Salvador dali seems to be facing away from the scene. It means that he was frustrated with no having enough attention for his work in surrealism artwork,

The work cannot be viewed and owned as private collection

ArtistSalvador Dalí
LocationPrivate Collection
MediumOil on Canvas

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