The Dying Swan

The Dying Swan is an oil painting produced in 1949 by South African painter Vladimir Tretchikoff.

The Dying Swan was also known popularly by the name ‘Alicia Markova The Dying Swan’.

This painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff was completed between 1949 and 1951 by Vladimir Tretchikoff. Alicia Markova did the most famous role of the Dying swan and thus became an inspiration for all lovers of the ballet. Vladimir Tretchikoff was also among them who then modeled Alicia Markova and painted the swan as if they were one. In this painting, above the head of the model was the swan coming out and both of their heads were lowering down. The dimensions of the painting The Dying Swan were 92 cm × 72 cm or 36 in × 28.5 in.

This work cannot be viewed as it is owned as a private collection.

ArtistVladimir Tretchikoff
LocationPrivate Collection
MediumOil on Canvas

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