The Entombment of Christ

The Entombment of Christ is a painting produced between 1603 and 1604 by Italian artist Caravaggio.

The Entombment of Christ is one of the most admired altarpieces of Caravaggio. There is a copy of the painting now in the chapel and the original is in Vatican Pinacoteca.

In this painting, two men carry the body of Christ identified as John the Evangelist, only by his youthful appearance and red cloak which supports the dead Christ on his right knee and with his right arm, inadvertently opening the wound. Nicodemus, the other man grasps the knees of Christ in his arms with his feet planted at the edge of the slab. Here, the Christ fallen arm, immaculate shroud touch stone and the grieving Mary of Cleophas gesticulates to Heaven. Many still believe that was the message of Christ that God come to earth and mankind reconciled with the heavens. Caravaggio balances position of the arms, faces, the dignified position of the body, the stable position and also the unstable exertions of the bearers.

The work can be viewed at Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City

LocationPinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City
MediumOil on Canvas

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