The Last Supper

The Last Supper is a painting produced in three years 1495-1498. by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.

One of the most representative and analyzed masterpiece of The Renaissance and has considered as one of the most controversial work of all time.

The painting was commissioned for refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie by Ludovico Sforza Il Moro, Duke of Milan and patron of artists. The last supper of Jesus and his twelve disciples is universal Gospel theme and the painting composition is extraordinary since it does not reveal betrayal at first site. Anxiety of each disciple is carefully characterized bar one in the shadow – Judas, who is holding bag with money and grabbing the bread at same time as Jesus. The way of grouping disciples and rather feminine look of Apostle John have inspired many of controversial theories about the painting. Almost nothing of original painting is left due to usage of special mural technique.

The work can be viewed at Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy.

ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
MediumTempera on Panel
LocationConvent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan

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