The Railway

The Railway is an oil painting produced in 1873 by French painter Edouard Manet.

The Railway was the last painting featuring Victorine Meurent, who was a favorite model of Edouard Manet. You will see Victorine in the previous works of Edouard Manet – Olympia and The Luncheon on the Grass.

Gare Saint-Lazare, one of the busiest train stations in Paris, is the location where Manet’s two models are present. Meurent is siting in the front of an iron fence, looking towards the audience. She is wearing a blue dress and a dark hat, keeping a book and a puppy on her lap. Next to Meurent, you can see a little girl, who is the daughter of Alphonse Hirsch, a neighbor of Manet. The little girl is watching the train passing by and having subtle interaction with Meurent

The work can be viewed at National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Artist: Edouard Manet
Location: National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., United States.
Medium: Oil on Canvas
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The Railway is an oil painting produced in 1873 by French painter Edouard Manet.

The iron gratings were stretched across the canvas by Manet and the presence of the train was covered by White clouds of steam. In the background, Modern apartment buildings were painted including the house on the Rue de Saint Petersbourg where Manet had rented a studio. The place was near the Place de l’Europe and Manet owned the studio since 1872 including a signal box and the Pont de l’Europe. The dimensions of the painting The Railway are 93.3 cm × 111.5 cm or 36.9 in × 45.12 in.

The Railway painting indicates that it was made in the autumn season. On the right side of the painting, bunch of grapes are resting on a parapet which indicate this information. Manet in his earlier painting (Olympia) had used compositions of Titian’s earlier work, for instance the dog seen in this painting is regarded as a reference to Titian’s Venus of Urbino

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