When Will You Marry?

When Will You Marry is a painting produced in 1892 by French artist Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin.

One of the well known paintings from Gauguin’s Tahitian-inspired collection recently has become famous as the most expensive piece of art ever sold. The buyer is Emirate of Qatar and amount is near $300 million. Travel exhibitions of painting already started and will last till January 2016.

Gauguin traveled to Tahiti in search for societies that preserved the original spirituality and are not spoiled by the modern style of life, but he found himself deeply disappointed since Tahiti has already been colonized by Europeans, especially French. Despite that he did not revealed pure art, he painted Tahitians and their life idealized. The painting depicts two Tahitian women, closer to the viewer is younger in traditional clothing, while the female person behind her is older and modern dressed. There is a white flower in young woman’s hair symbolizing her willingness to marry and the detail is emphasizing desired contrast.

The work can be viewed at The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

Artist: Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin
Location: Private Collection
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Category: Tag:

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