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MyneAndYours – Honouring the Power and Beauty of Street Art in Sharjah


The United Arab Emirates’ colorful art scene today proves that this region in the Middle East does not only thrive in its usual stereotypes, but also encouraged talents who try to capture and express the culture, personal struggles, and the carousels of human experience.

Sharjah, the third largest UAE’s district, exudes passion and excitement, especially in the art scene.

As a visitor, the beauty within the walls of Sharjah will amaze you and keep you coming back for more.  Your soul will be touched by the charisma and charm of all that is Sharjah, the now Cultural Capital of the Arab world.

Sharjah Art, Culture and Design

Sharjah Art, Culture and Design

Whether you’re an enthusiastic art lover or merely a quiet appreciating bystander, you will not be able to resist the richness of all that Sharjah has to offer.  With over twenty museums, you’re spoilt for choice, but don’t let the walls of a museum stop your cultural experience.

The Sharjah Biennial introduces one of the finest collections of contemporary art, where all the beauty this event can enchant every art lover from across the world.  Allow Sharjah, one of the first emirate’s to celebrate art biennale, to bedazzle you.

Maraya Art Centre has become one of the most talked art organizations.  A non-profit art entity that has given birth to many projects, but one that stands out is their newest project called Jedariya.  Jedariya is meant to incentivize community through powerful art movements. Jedariya promotes the youth to get involved in art in any form and on other levels require them to raise awareness for vital causes by actively participating.

Under Jedariya’s leadership, the MYNEANDYOURS (Mine and yours) project was born, which is all about beautifying the city with magnificent street art. Street artists are commissioned to decorate, with their own personal style, the streets of Sharjah.

Myneandyours Sharjah

Myneandyours – Pic Courtesy:

Adventurous and bright colors adorn the very walls and buildings of most of Sharjah, bringing the city to life in a most majestic manner.  The artists, through their mediums, hope to mimic life in UAE, so that all the residents and visitors can savor the taste

Marwan Shakarchi was one of the first artists behind the Myneandyours project.  Many, from around the world, have viewed his famous marshmallowy clouds with crosses for eyes


Marwan-Shakarchi – Pic Courtsey: Islamicarts Mag

The playful and colourful array of clouds splashed across a field of wide diagonal stripes has become a mural of positive thinking for all the public.  Shakarchi wanted to inspire the viewer to look up to the skies, brighten their day with strong colors and believe they can dream big.

And who wouldn’t?

The playful nature of the childlike clouds would inspire anyone to dream big dreams.

His choice of medium was huge-scale stencils and rainbow colored spray paint.  High up on a secured platform, he took 10 days, working for 12-hour stints to finally complete the magnificent masterpiece.  The masterpiece scales in at 78ft x 91ft and cannot be missed on the building wall.

Art has always transcended the bridges of language and the message of the street art of Myneandyours hits home no matter where you come from in the world.

Stepping out onto the sidewalk of life, powerful messages of hope, love, and faith are displayed.  Unlike the confines of an art museum, catering to a select few who are privileged enough to view the history, street art caters to the masses, allowing all that can afford a trip to the United Arab Emirates, a view of this modern and perhaps a significant step in art practice in the Middle East

Street Art is Powerful. The meanings and messages it leaves behind are thought bending.

No matter your religion, your beliefs or your upbringing, to view such raw and viral expressions on such open surfaces, is truly a blessing.   What better way to bring the world goodwill messages than through the fearless, gallant and personal language of art.

It is hoped that Sharjah will continue to honour the beauty of street art and in turn allow our youth to bring their messages to the world.

After all, it is the youth that should be leading our world forward.  Often overlooked, most times dismissed, graffiti or street artists, don’t get their pound of flesh in the art arena.  Via Maraya Art Centre, the Jedariya project and Myneandyours initiative, they can express freely without offending.

Often overlooked, most times dismissed, graffiti or street artists, don’t get their pound of flesh in the art arena.  Via Maraya Art Centre, the Jedariya project and Myneandyours initiative, they can express freely without offending.

This is only the beginning and we look forward to new artistic voices to come forth into Sharjah and UAE, to send strong messages from the sidewalk to the world at large


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