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10 Top Emerging Art Destinations Around the World

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It is art that keeps the heart of the city beating.

Even when the skyscrapers are appearing here and there fast, and even when people get too busy with their lives, there is always enough space for art to thrive.

Art is the connection to our primal kinship with beauty, creativity, madness, and passion. It is through art that we also re-connect with what is essential – warmth, reminiscence, provocation, awareness, enlightenment, etc.

There are very artistic cities in the world that make urban living much bearable for people. They also serve as gateways to the real core of our existence – the complex and magnificence of making, appreciating and feeling. Art in these cities also serve as avenue for advocacies, personal voices, and universal clamors.

Here are 10 top emerging art destinations around the world that you wouldn’t want to miss:


Bangalore’s culturally vibrant landscape offers a vast range of avenues for dance, music, theater, literary, and visual arts. The art scene of the city started to take off in the 80s and later in the 90s, informal art spaces finally sprouted one by one. Through these places, people have become more artistically and culturally aware. Bangalore has not only invested in galleries and museums. The city has also hosted various arts and music events that can nourish and nurture any art enthusiast’s enthusiasm and education. Gallery Sumukha, SKE and 1 Shanthi Road are among those that have made history for themselves.

Here are other art spaces in Bangalore that you must check out and experience:

  • Bflat- a lounge bar located in 100 Indiranagar; here, the music scene of the city continues to blossom. Also the famous venue for the Himalayan Blues Festival.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art – The 100-year old mansion, Manikyavelu located on Palace Road; home for visual arts and film screenings.
  • Tasveer- Tasveer gallery is where photography is being treated as an art form; platform for emerging photographers.

Let this city be your exotic and soulful experience while in India.


Since the opening of Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane’s art scene has rapidly become more vibrant and active. Contemporary art is booming and making all art-lovers more alive. The museums serve as avenues for exciting art from diverse genres while the numerous galleries offer works from different artists. GOMA has reached beyond expectations. It highlights the works of Al Weiwei and other temporary exhibitions such as that of the works of Warhol and Picasso.

Some of the most popular galleries in Brisbane

  • QUT Art Museum – Queensland art, contemporary Australian prints, new technology, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.
  • Institute of Modern Art – contemporary arts in Queensland with an eclectic mix of cabaret, circus, dance, music, theatre, and contemporary performance.
  • Philip Bacon Galleries – contemporary arts such as works by the most acclaimed Australian artists, such as William Robinson, Margaret Olley, Robert Dickerson and Tim Storrier.
  • Jan Murphy Gallery – contemporary arts of both established and emerging artists.

This city down south is a journey of colors, whirls, and juxtaposition.


By the majestic river Danube, Budapest is not only home for rustic architecture and the most awe-inspiring coffee houses. The city is also a must-experience for all art lovers because it is the melting pot of the hottest trends in Central Eastern European Art. Contemporary art is unstoppably reaching more enthusiasts. If you are visiting the city, here are some galleries that can surely quench your thirst for magnificent art:

  • Trafo Galeria– an exciting venue for art that is outside the box. It has been home for exhibitions with themes like environmental politics. In addition,it has hosted gatherings of curators, writers and other artists to further discuss about the current state of art in Central-Eastern Europe.
  • Kisterem – an award-winning gallery that holds even the most unusual art exhibits in the city.
  • Studio Galeria – where young artists in Budapest showcase their works. It has kickstarted the wonderful careers of so many artists. It has also been a center for important discussions that affect the socio-politics of the city and region.
  • 2B Galeria – holds exhibits that could encourage essential debates. One of the most noteworthy exhibits that have happened here is that of the blind and partially sighted artists.

The fusion of past and present can be wonderfully experienced here.


When one thinks of Dubai, some words may come into mind: filthily rich, future-oriented, dynamic, self-indulgent, and prosperous. The city’s art scene does reflect all of these. To some extent, others claim that the art scene here has also been very market-driven.

The years 2005 through 2008 have been the most active years in Dubai’s art. In addition, there are other factors why the art scene blossomed tremendously here. The art fair Art Dubai has attracted a lot of art lovers. In addition, Bidoun Magazine which was started in 2004 has also opened a lot of avenues for both local and international artists. Galleries in the cities are also continuously keeping the passion – The Third Line, Green Art, Isabelle van den Eynde and Cuadro.

For those yearning for luxury and artistry, this Middle Eastern City can truly cure that longing. Art in Dubai is emerging very fast


Tagged as the hippest hub for art, music and fashion in Africa now, Johannesburg is trying to climb its way as one of the top cities for street art. Their goal is to be the best in the world in 2040. This is the very reason why they are investing big portions of the Johannesburg Development Agency’s fund to public art. To date, there are 460 officially listed public art; 1000 from the unofficial list.

When around the city, the suburb of Newtown is the place to be. Here, alternative art is being uphold, paving the way to more opportunities to everyone to enjoy the burgeoning art scene –whatever your social status is.

A proof of the exciting art scene in the city is the official Newtown Heritage Trail which guides you through walking maps, art attractions, and lots of street art.

For those who believe in revolutionary art through free spaces, this is the city to be.

Quezon City

It is safe to say that the art scene of Quezon City is also the summary of what’s in for the Philippine arts these days – the rising of contemporary art while bracing the academic and commercial side of it. Cultural and artistic exchange has both been flourishing in the city due to the presence of various art galleries. Light and Space Contemporary for example is oozing with enthusiasm and energy for it is a pretty young space compared to the rest.

The gallery tries its best to highlight the diverse fields of the arts while promoting an avenue for dialogues within the bounds of social, political, and artistic endeavors. Meanwhile, Green Papaya Art Projects have been around since 2010, an alternative space for artistic experimentation which has never been reliable to any governmental support.

Quezon City is the place to be when wandering around the quaint Manila area searching for good art.


From distinct pocket galleries to the strip of fine arts in the most fashionable city, Seoul is the place to be. In the most recent years, it has been outstripping other creative hubs in the country. Seoul has also been popular for avant-garde art and generous artist residencies provided to local and international artists. Proof to this is the must-visit art districts in the city.

  • Samcheong-dong – where you can get lost in beauty and expression in Gallery Hyundai, Kumho Museum, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Hakgojae, and Kukje Gallery.
  • Hyoja-dong – home for Korea’s literati and now the creative grounds for Gallery Factory, Project Space Sarubia, Leeahn Gallery, Daelim Museum, Ryugaheon, and Koo Bohn Chang.
  • Itaewon – you can find here Gallery 101 and Gallery Golmok.
  • Pyeongchng-dong – this mountainous area has been influential galleries in the country. Gana Art, Total Museum and Kim Chong Yung Museum are all worth checking out.
  • Cheongdam – Gangman locale where you can explore Arario Gallery, Songeun Art Space, CAIS Gallery, and Ghalerie Bhak.

Seoul can surely be a soul-food for the creative heart.


In 2006, Singapore’s first Biennale took place and from then on the art scene in this prosperous city has never been the same again. It has been growing, and booming. Dubbed as the hub for Southeast Asian Art, the city hosts annual art affairs – Affordable Art Fair and Art Stage Singapore. In addition, the government has been taking the necessary steps to push art further. The government-led Gillman Barracks is a solid proof of how here; the government takes art seriously as an essential part of nation-building. It has to be noted too that according to gallerists, there is a rise in new breed collectors recently. Some of the most popular galleries that can take you to a whole new path of creative experience in this city are: Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Future Perfect Gallery, and Art Plural Gallery. There are also cultural festivals such as Singapore Art Festival and Night Festival. Online, there are a couple of emerging galleries – ArtLoft and Artling.

This Southeast Asian city is indeed a must visit for art lovers of different ages.


It can’t be denied that Sydney is an exciting artsy city. Whether you are looking for an artsy destination while traveling around or trying to seek for a space for your own art, the city offers so many galleries and museums.

From aboriginal art history to the contemporary and experimental art, you can find what you want in the following spaces: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Art Gallery of NSW, White Rabbit Gallery, and S.H. Ervin Gallery. There are also spectacular events that uphold art and creativity – Vivid Sydney, The Sydney Writer’s Festival for those who are drawn in the magic of words, and Sydney Film Festival for film junkies and filmmakers. For those whose art is captivated by theater, the city boasts Sydney Opera House, State Theater, Sydney Theater Company and Belvoir St Theater.

Other artsy events and venues worth your time are as follows: Art and About Sydney (public art fest), Hayes Theater Co, Sydney Sculpture Walk, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

When in Sydney, it seems that there is so much to enjoy.


Known as an eclectic and vibrant city, Toronto is the citadel for those who adore the arts whether it is visuals, literature, music, theater and other performing arts. The Toronto Film Festival happens every year and has been a fuel for the global film scene.

Museums here are from the classic to the quirky – the Royal Ontario Museum, Gardiner Museum, and Bata Shoe Museum which are very approximate from each other. You can also marvel at the various pieces big and small at Art Gallery of Ontario. In addition, FRINGE is the biggest festivals in the city. It features 155 performances from the cities most surprising places.Let Toronto amaze, amuse, and inspire you.

So there you go the 10 emerging art destinations around the world. If you are an artist or art enthusiast, explore these cities vicariously. For those who are just starting to appreciate the arts, these cities will definitely lead you to the right corners of passion and humanity!

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