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Infographics : A Brief History and Introduction to Comics

With comic book movies killing it at the box office and both major publishers doing a reboot in the same decade, comics are more relevant than ever. Despite the fact that they are so popular today, very few people seem to know where comics come from and how they have developed over the years. Let’s have a look a brief history of comics through eight critical historical milestones  of this medium.

History of Comics - Infographics

History of Comics – Infographics

Mainstream comics are still going strong and are gaining more and more popularity because people are getting interested thanks to the wide plethora of movies, video games, and TV series we see. A few historical events have forever changed the course of the medium, which is always interesting to behold.

What would’ve comics looked like today if people hadn’t embraced the superhero concept? What kind of comics would we be reading? Would there still be comics at all?

Based on the fact that the industry has been so resilient over the years and is still here, we would say that it’s entirely possible. We can’t wait to see what will happen next.


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