10 Reasons Why Good Colour Combinations are Important

water color combinations

Colours are powerful. Doesn’t matter what you might be creating now – a painting, or a powerpoint presentation, or an illustration –  your eyes must be straying over a palette, splashed with many colours, choosing the right one to add to your work. Colours add right mood, temperature, and structure to your work. To a sensitive soul, the impact of a perfect colour combination is deeper and intensely moving.

Introducing you a couple of creative works, mostly watercolor paintings, produced by modern age painters that truly celebrate the power of colour and form. The talent of these millennial artists is undeniable, and the power of their imagination is truly awesome.

Below are top ten reasons, why you must choose right colour combinations to tell your story effectively through your paintings and illustrations

Colours embrace warmth

In Tokyo Storefront Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz, the artist introduces an interesting series of shops located in Tokyo district. Traditional Japanese elements combined with warm and blue undertones contrast nicely with the cooler leafy greens.

Tokyo Store Front Watercolor painting by Noike

Tokyo Store Front Watercolor painting by Noike

Colours create precision

Elena Limkina, a specialist in botanical drawings, produced this series – Portraits of Birds – in 2016. Adore the clever colour choices and subtle gradients, which in fact helped to create a fascinating precision for this watercolor series


Colours bring harmony

In Cityscape series by Matt Carlson, the overall composition looks flawless, and you experience a greater harmony between the diverse shapes and structures, and delivers a candid representation of the subject architecture to the observer


Cityscape by Matt Carlson

Colours elicit drama

Maja Wronska captured the essence of this moment of nature in an exciting way. Blue is a surprise here, but then the overall color combination creates an outstanding chromatic bias of primary colours to your visual system, which put you into a form visual trance.

Jungle watercolor by Maja

Jungle watercolor by Maja

Colours simplify complexity

Colours often comprehend complex subjects in a simple way. In Havanna series by  Moris Wipperman, you notice brilliant use of striking gradients for detailing the ruffle nature of this subject which makes this painting series quite attractive (and my favourite)


Havanna by Moris Wipperman

Colours augment curiosity

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. Great art always welcome you to a world of wonder, fascination and reflection. In the work -Town of trees Made by Machine by Toshiya Shirotani, you experience a note of curiosity to what the artist intended to explain.

The metallic tree root and trunks draw viewer’s attention. Colour combinations are cleverly executed. The elements of machine and nature are rightfully composed, and this creates ample curiosity in the eyes of beholder

Town of Trees by Toshiya Shirotani Color combinations

Town of Trees by Toshiya Shirotani

Colours amplify symbolism

Flower is always symbolic in sending messages to the viewer. Red roses are given to sweethearts, yellow flowers are given to appreciate someone,  purple tulips are given to represent companionship and so forth.  Flower Pattern by Natalia Tyulkina embodies an abstract view of a boutonniere pattern, without losing the warmth and vibrant aspects of nature.

Tyulkina Watercolor Paintings

Tyulkina Watercolor Paintings

Colours add delight

Shades of gold and red are always considered majestical, and also represents wealth and power. Ira Carela‘s baker street series brings all the sophistication and discipline of baking process in a delightful way.

Ira Carella Waterpainting

Ira Carella Waterpainting

Colours promote realism

Denver & Salt Lake Railroad passenger train by Howard L Fogg is a classic example of how colours are used to bring realistic flavours to the artwork. Artists usually apply a lot of exaggeration to exhibit the power and drama of a locomotive, but Hogg has cleverly used the shades of blue, grey and white to keep the subject real and vibrant.

Colours create rhythm

Portraits are arduous to create. A very refreshing series, in which the personality, attitude and unique mannerisms of these personalities are very well captured by Alexander Dzinvel.

Portraits Watercolor

Portraits Watercolor

The magic these artists produced with pen, paint and colour is a wonder to be reckoned with.  They are not shy of colour and used it to bring their ideas and themes to life in a most brilliant and astonishing manner.  And, their love for colour and courage to create powerful art brings us some delightful moments to cherish, and to be inspired.

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