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Infographics: Why Street Art Graffiti Is Super Powerful?

Street Art Is Powerful

Street art graffiti aren’t limited to the street itself. It grows up and around walls, on the sides of buses and subway cars, the trunks of trees, and even on traffic signs and lights. Any kind of outdoor public medium can be morphed to express a message through the artist’s vision.

Good things aren’t always beautiful. Beautiful things aren’t always good. Ugly can be made beautiful. Beautiful can be revealed as ugly. Street Art is one such super cool art where it’s meanings and messages are much deeper and thought-bending

Check out art infographics on five reasons why street art is super cool

Street Art Graffiti Infographics

Street Art Graffiti Infographics


Most of the top street Art and Graffiti Has A Remarkable Attitude, Satire and Creativity . A lot of street art has an obvious, or sometimes very subtle, anti-establishment hint in it. The very mediums it uses, owned by states or corporations, are protected by law from the artist but are used without regard or in spite of it. That illegality is often a part of the message.

For millennia, people have been desecrating public buildings and spaces with their written or drawn opinions of authority figures, celebrities, and even their own friends and lovers. Archaeologists have found Roman inscriptions that mirror what’s written on the wall in our modern bathrooms.

Street art’s former graffiti reputation as destructive vandalism has mostly disappeared. As the art form gains the notice of the art world elite, and more importantly, the masses, there is hope of success for the artist in his life and even the immediate future. Street Art plays a major role in adding soul and personality to its existence. Berlin is one such fascinating city for street art, where large-scale, puzzle-like street art works can be seen all around the city.

Street art has proven itself to be a true expressive art form. It is not an inferior form of political outcry nor is it the indifferent rebellion of a disaffected youth. Street art thinks, feels, and evokes thought and emotions in the people that view it with an open mind.

Street art is executed with purpose, design with technique and produced with intention. Inquisitive urban explorers are often the first to find new street art. So, next time if you are around Rio, Berline, Prague or New York, find some time to explore the magic of street art.

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